International Tanabe Japanese Karate Do
Afiliated to: Karate Alberta Association (KAA), World Koshiki Karate-Do Federation (WKKF)
and World Karate Federation (WKF)
  “The base to be a good
karateka is to be modest and
constant in their training”
Karate do, is an excellent discipline to forge a more complete, responsible, disciplined, organized and conscientious individual. The teacher (sensei) guides their students through a real, strong and constant training to know the true essence of this martial art; at the time, he helps them to build high spiritual qualities, such as confidence, awareness and self-control, indispensable to form a successful and peaceful life. Our recommendation for everyone who wishes to start the practice of karate-do is, first make sure that you receive properly instruction from a responsible sensei and have the support and supervision of a respected organization. Otherwise, you are in risk to receive the wrong training and so, lost the true benefits that karate-do can offer to you.  The choice is yours. We guarantee high quality methods of training (physical and philosophical) for you and your family in an environment that promotes discipline and the true principles of traditional karate-do. We assure you will not regret your decision.

What do I need?
To practice karate is necessary dress a white karate-gi (karate uniform), and its corresponding belt according to level of achievement. Gradually, the student should acquire his/her individual protective equipment (fist gear, mouth guard, groin protectors, shin guards and chest guard).