International Tanabe Japanese Karate Do
Afiliated to: Karate Alberta Association (KAA), World Koshiki Karate-Do Federation (WKKF)
and World Karate Federation (WKF)
  In our life we never lose,
we win or we learn
The style of Karate - Do is Shotokan under the supervision of the Hanshi Kunio Tanabe Takizawa (8th Dan), president of the Venezuelan Tanabe Organization. Hanshi Tanabe began his lesson in Japan under Shorinji ryu style directly from his founder Master Kori Hisataka and his son Sensei Masayuki Hisataka, years later in Venezuela he became Shotokan style part of his knowledge.  We are also affiliated to: KAA (Karate Alberta Association), Kenkojuku Shotokan Karate Do Federation and World Koshiki Karate - Do Federation.

TENSHI DOJO  was founded by Sensei Luis A. Ganhao, who has always expressed a strong interest to teaching,this martial art, he loves deeply. His create 5 years ago his dream building a unmarkable student for the dojo.eventually Sensei Luis moving from Calgary and delegated responsibility to near friend Sensei Hermann Pirela.

Sensei Hermann Pirela, born in Maracaibo, Venezuela home of Organization of karate Tanabe Takizawa, he started early at 9 years old (1979) practice Karate-Do under direction of Sensei Angel W Urribarri, direct student of Shijan (at the moment) KunioTanabe Takizawa. At this time, Sensei Hermann Pirela as a student begin to participle in several tournament local and national around the country and reach multiples awards in kata and kumite .Later when he became green belt decide going to learn the art directly from the master Kunio Tanabe,where  with outstanding performance giving opportunity to compete in other countries such as Colombia and USA . In 1987 he reach Black belt  at age of 17. Since there he built  each grade with effort between his career as Medical Doctor in Venezuela and the art of traditional Japanese Karate Do. During a decades Sensei Hermann Pirela built a very close relationship of confidence and discipline with Hanshin Kunio Tanabe Takizawa pioneer in Japanese Karate Do in Venezuela and president of International Tanabe Organization.

In 2012 Sensei Hermann Pirela decide moving with his Family to Calgary and begin a new life teaching his knowledge in Karate of more than 35 years experience in this art.

Recently in 2015 He won gold medal in Kumite and Silver medals on KAA recreational tournamnet as a part of his debut in this association.

Venezuelan Tanabe Organization has the hombu Dojo in Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela, under the supervision of the Shihan Kunio Tanabe Takizawa 8th Dan. Hanshi Kunio Tanabe was a pioneer of the Venezuelan Karate-do as well as was one of the founders of the Venezuelan Karate Federation. Hanshi Tanabe in his long way in the karate-do, he has developed highly competitive athletes of great value, as is the case of the WKF world champion in Mexico 2002 Luis Manuel Plumacher.